Death Deceives - J.C. Diem
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Death Deceives

By J.C. Diem

  • Release Date: 2013-08-04
  • Genre: Fantasy


From the moment she’d been turned into Mortis, Natalie Pierce has been fated to come face to face with the first vampire ever created. Hideously transformed over thousands of years by the diseased blood that runs through his veins, the First has created an army of grey skinned imps and intends to use them to enslave humankind.

Nat and her friends are all that stands between the humans and the bat-faced, orange-eyed imps. Aside from the overwhelming odds against them, Natalie foresees an even greater danger. As vampires, they are all highly susceptible to becoming possessed by their shadows. With one word from the First, they could be transformed into the very monsters that they are hunting.