Polarshift - Matt Buttsworth


By Matt Buttsworth

  • Release Date: 2011-11-28
  • Genre: World


Polarshift is a thought provoking book which will change the way you see the past and the profound changes that are occurring in the present. 
Using a unique long term historical perspective considering events from the time of Genghiz Khan until now, Dr Matt Buttsworth analyzes what factors led to the rise of the West, what factors have led to its fall, and what factors are now propelling the nations of the East - China, India and the Dragon States - to world economic and technological leadership and what this means for the future of the world.
This book considers the fundamental questions of why did the scientific and industrial revolutions occur in the West and not in the civilizations of China, India and the Islamic world? What factors enable a scientific/industrial revolution to occur? Why is the West now falling behind in this global scientific and economic race? And why are the once great nations of China and India now returning to their long held position of being world economic, technological and scientific leaders?
This is a very thought altering, wide-ranging book which everyone who is interested in the profound polarshifts in world economic and technological power that are occurring today must read.

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