How To Write a Good Advertisement - Victor O. Schwab

How To Write a Good Advertisement

By Victor O. Schwab

  • Release Date: 2016-05-22
  • Genre: Marketing & Sales


This book might well have carried the subtitle “Or 44 Years in the Copy Department” instead of its present one. Even a copywriter, whose breed is not noteworthy for arithmetical prowess, could not escape arriving at the conclusion that the number of years from 1917 to 1961 totals forty-four.
That a large measure of this past experience has been associated with a particularly demanding kind of advertising copy may, as will be explained, be an advantageous circumstance for the reader of this book, regardless of what type of copywriting job confronts him.
For the subject of the book is not the writing of mail-order copy. Its sole purpose is to lend a hand to any copywriter (or student of copywriting) whose ambition is to create advertisements which are more resultful, no matter what the product is or how and where it is sold.